Ease and productivity, Efficiency, To increase the quality of your business! This is what we BELIEVE, We work with the thought focused on the solution of your business


Understand who your user is and how we can jointly improve usability, engagement, conversion, satisfaction and retention of your product.


Antiquity is a post! Although the web and mobile devices bring a certain agility, some tasks are still better when performed through a desktop.


Make your life simple, have everything in your hands and do not get stuck in a place, have your system on your smartphone (or tablets) and carry out your activities wherever you are.

Why Work With Us?

We are developers of ideas, projects and systems. A company whose mission is to simplify technology to create value. For us, creating value is to support other companies to achieve the maximum potential in their business ethically and sustainably.

Free Consulting & Outsourcing

The experience of our consultants in favor of your business. With experienced professionals in diverse sectors of the market and specialists in the most diverse environments, platforms and languages, the IT Consulting of CES realizes diagnosis and formulation of solutions for companies of the most different segments, offering cutting-edge technology, efficient solutions, implementations of improvements and IT process management


Um ensino Gigante, desde a sua Origem

A Palanca Negra Gigante faz parte do imaginário colectivo de todos os angolanos.

Academia CES
entrevistas, palestras e eventos sobre tecnologia com os melhor profissionais do mercado

Quem tem tecnologia tem o poder. Por isso reunimos todos profissionais de T.I do país, experiente armada com as mais recentes tecnologias, capazes de desenvolver soluções surpreendentes e inovadoras com elevado nível de qualidade e robustez.

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